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A Letter from President, Dr. Chung-Yu (Peter) Wu
An Introduction of Service-Learning
Service-Learning is a well-rounded form of education including two equally important aspects– “Service” and “Learning”, both of which connect students to the society closely. For students, Service-Learning provides them with more opportunities to be more devoted to our society, and to improve their interpersonal skills and intrapersonal intelligence simultaneously. For societies, Service-Learning offers a diversity of activities, facilitating citizens’ enthusiasm for and participation in public affairs. For schools, Service-Learning presents a brand-new channel for interaction. Thus, teachers are more than instructors, and students are more than learners. Instead, this is a cooperative learning that helps students with their adjustment to societies.
Service-Learning, including Service-Learning I and Service-Learning II, is a required course offered in the school year of 2007. These are required courses, and all students must take them. Through this two-semester course–Service-Learning, we expect our students to understand the concepts of Service-Learning, learn its skills, practice what you have learned, and reaffirm its value. We also encourage students to think outside the box, devise new service models, bring innovation to our society, and serve as the catalyst of culture reform. We truly hope to equip our students with the abilities of critical thinking, communication, teamwork, problem solving, self-management, leadership and coordination through the process of “learning by doing” in this course.
Our school motto and heritage–acquire new knowledge to achieve more; be practical and practice more, which is based on solid, professional training and the spirit of pursuing excellence, have long been the most precious assets of NCTU. We truly hope that the offering of Service-Learning allows us to dedicate our assets to our society and meanwhile brings a feast for the mind to all students on campus. This will certainly bring a new atmosphere to our campus and our social role is destined to make history.